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Curator's Note

The Spirit Remains Unlocked celebrates the resilience and the un-restrained creative spirit of the artist community. On 25th March, 2020,  Day 1 of the 21 Day National Lockdown in India, we launched the project with thirty artists who  were all locked down in their respective homes and studios.  With the outside world going into a standstill, we were all forced to reboot, go slow and go within. This was the time to take inspiration from the artists. By the very nature of their profession, they have already developed the skill and the attitude to introspect, reset and innovate on a daily basis.

Throughout the length of this project 30 artists focussed all their energies on what they do best – create art. The project allowed us to take a peek into their solitary worlds.  They shared their ongoing works, their thoughts, hopes and aspirations. We asked them – What do they make of this new normal ? What still inspires them to make art amidst the chaos outside? This was a period  of high creative energy and positivity, with artists bouncing off their ideas and works with one another.

From this remotely organised online art residency project emerged a visual documentation of a historic event. It was captured by this eclectic group of artists who reacted and responded to the unfolding events, and eventually evolved personally from the experience. What was so unique in this project was that, their experiences were no different from what the rest  of the world was going through. With the audience and the artist sharing the same context of emotions, makes this exhibition truly special for all of us.

– Lubna Sen, Curator

This Project Supports Save the Children India

Artists and Artworks

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A Naveen Kumar
Ankita Singh
Chandan Bhowmick
Debjyoti Purakayastha
Deepika Gautam
Gayatri Deshpande
Harsh Inder Loomba
Kanika Singh
Ketaki Roy Choudhury
Mahesh Karambele
Megha Madan
Neelam Gaur
Neerajj Mittra
Nidhi Aggarwal
Niloy Sen
Nitasha Jaini
Parul Mehra
Pranjit Sarma
Rahul Swami
Rajneesh Singh
Rashmi Rai
Ritu Aggarwal
Shuchi Khanna
Siraj Saxena
Soumick Nag
Sukanta Das
Usha Garodia
Sabbavarapu V S Rao
Vijay Singh
Vishal Joshi
Grid Layout
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A Naveen Kumar

A Naveen Kumar has received numerous awards and fellowships including Karnataka Lalith Kala Akademi Printmaking Fellowship, 2017;  K.K. Hebbar Art Grant, 2017; Camel Art Foundation Award, 2015 and Shenoy Art Foundation “Emerging Artist” Award, 2015. Naveen’s solo exhibitions were: “Magical Stories from 81 sq.ft Studio” at Gallery Sumukha, Bengaluru, 2017 and “Magical Stories’, MOD, Bengaluru, 2014. He has participated in many group shows including Cycle 18, Art and Science, Open Studio, Piramal Art Residency, 2018; “The Simplicity of Being in Complex World”,  AIFACS, New Delhi, 2018 and India Art Fair, 2018.  His works are in collections of Spain Mini Print, General Electric (GE) company, Bangalore; The Association of People with Disability, Bengaluru and Bombay Brasserie, Taj Hotel, London. Naveen Kumar is based in Bangalore.

Naveen’s work involves the act of combining different processes to suit his artistic expression and thus unrestricted draws various mediums and materials to be a part of his artwork. His drawings are created on screen-printed book-text with sepia-color ink extracted from teak wood and photo color ink, which gives his works an aged, ephemeral feel. Where his text talks about new way of looking at art he talks about new way of living.

A Naveen Kumar's Work

Magical Stories from the same book (Agni and Ap)
Magical Stories from the same book (Dragon fly and Horse)
Magical Stories from the same book (Prithvi and Vayu)
Magical Stories II

Thoughts During Lockdown

I am an artist who goes out to nature for inspiration, I meet people and discus and execute my idea. Sometimes it is fine to be virtual but not all the time. I like meeting people in physically world. My process of work is converting simple elements from my surroundings and placing them as signs and symbols. These symbols are a hint to my past, the memories and their recurrence in present. Scarcity of materials also become a challenge; I am not able to work on my preexisting ideas but to come up with new works from stock material in studio.

Ankita Singh

Born in 1993, Ankita Singh is a B.F.A in Painting & Graphics from University of Allahabad, 2013 and an M.F.A in Painting from I.K.S.V.V, Khairagarh, Chhattisgarh, 2015. She has received many awards and scholarships including Prafulla Dhanukar Art Foundation Allahabad City Merit Certificate Award, 2018; Kashi National Art Exhibition in Varanasi, 2016; Prarambh, A Group Art Exhibition, M.F. Hussain Art Gallery, New Delhi, 2015; 3rd Prize in Monsoon Festival Ullas-4 organised by Allahabad Museum, Ministry of Culture Govt. of India, 2015 and National Scholarship (HRD) Ministry of Culture , New Delhi, 2012-13. She has also participated in Camel Art Exhibition, Mumbai, 2013; Winter Show Organised by M.C.E Society School of Art, Pune, 2015. Her painting was selected in Dhoomimal Art Gallery, 2016; Gandhi Art Gallery, New Delhi, 2017 and All India Art Exhibition, State Lalit Akademi, Lucknow, U.P, 2019. She participated in “Modern India: Colour, Pattern and Life” in Guangzhou, China, 2016.

Through her colours Ankita explores the relationships between people and the ups and downs of life. The way one colour reacts with the other when mixed together is what fascinates her. Some make a new beautiful combination and some when brought together reacts drastically.

Ankita Singh's Work

Mystery Of Colours Series
Waves Of Minds Series
Waves Of Minds Series

Thoughts During Lockdown

Every artist is normally in self quarantine only while he/she is doing work. But during this Corona Pandemic, our daily routines are shifting as the world responds to Coronavirus. As people have self-quarantined, and conferences, workshops, and freelance gigs are put on hold, people across all sectors are experiencing lost wages, delayed work, and are having to shift their businesses to adapt to a new normal. The widespread cancellation of in-person events has affected many businesses—independent artists included—who rely on events, workshops, gigs, and physical locations to pay their bills. Now, more than ever, it’s important to offer support to impacted groups if are able.

Chandan Bhowmick

Chandan Bhowmick is an MFA in Painting from Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata 2007. He has participated in different art workshops around the country including group show presented by Experimenter in Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, 2019; Indian Oil Annual Show (The Canvas Code) at Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, 2018; Holding Hands in Delhi Lalit Kala Akademi, 2018 and State Art Gallery, Hyderabad on 2017; Serendipity, 2017 and 2016, Nirvana Art Gallery; DD Artspace in 2017 and 2016; Holding Hands, ICCR, Kolkata, 2016; Serendipity, by Nirvana Art Gallery in London 2016. Bhowmick lives and works in Kolkata.

It all starts with the brush caressing the canvas with or without paint on it, which makes the beginning of the everlasting long journey of discovering the unknown. Delving into the ocean of uncertainties. Isn’t mystery a charm and a pleasure on its own? Having less or no control over my works and welcoming the unknown makes me feel the thrill to face it again and again, spending time in front of the canvas with myriad of thoughts, emotions and realisations which evaporates from it and sieves through my skin and cleanses the soul, the inner self.

Chandan Bhowmick's Work

Quarantine I
Quarantine II
Quarantine III
Quarantine IV

Thoughts During Lockdown

On 26th March I’m participated in the project “The Spirit Remains Unlocked “, it’s a very beautiful group with their strong art works and variation of the art works and different material using. That’s quarantine days our world and society are a same situation happening, then we are express our day by day statesmen in my paperwork. I’m experiences with the group of artists are in different state but their art works spoke the artist lead and save his/her life in self-quarantine days also we read their artists statement. Last one month we have known each other, and we are communicating other painting, I hope we will meet some days somewhere..

Debjyoti Purakayastha

Born in 1966, Debjyoti Purakayastha 1966 attained is a Gold Medallist in BVA in Modelling & Sculpture from Indian College of Art & Draftsmanship at 1991.He participated in more than 30 group exhibitions and was selected in 5 annual exhibitions of renowned art galleries of Kolkata. He has been involved with several installation projects including Indian Museum, BITM, Delhi Science Centre, Nicco Park, Teen Murti Bhavan and Delhi Parliament Museum.

Behind Debjyotis’ every sculpture there is a rhythm of life which is expressed in different process or forms of life or through different relations among creatures.

Debjyoti Purakayastha's Work

Bashanta Eshe Gechhe
Mother and Child

Thoughts During Lockdown

The lockdown proved to us that science and education is above all and doctors are the superheroes, Gods cannot save us. It has taught us how cruelly we treated our planet. Today when we’re caged in our homes the planet is again breathing peacefully and somewhat proved that we humans are the virus and covid 19 is a cure to earth. So when we overcome this epidemic we should take our lessons and act accordingly.

Deepika Gautam

Deepika Gautam completed her BFA in Sculpture from Jamia Millia Islamia University in 2013 and MFA in Sculpture in 2015 from Jamia Millia Islamia University. She has received many awards including sponsorship for Solo Show in State Gallery of Arts, Hyderabad by YAT & C ( Tourism Dept. )Govt. of Telangana, 2018; Delhi State Award for Sculpture by Prafulla Art Foundation, Mumbai, 2018; A Grant of Lalit Kala Akademi Scholarship, by LKA, New Delhi, 2018; 89th AIFACS Cash Award in Sculpture Category at AIFACS Annual Exhibition, New Delhi, 2016 and Meritorious Award by NDMC at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi, 2014. She participated in many group shows, in Delhi, Hyderabad and Kochi. Her works are in many private and corporate collections, in India. Deepika lives and works in Delhi.

Deepika’s inspiration comes from the observation on her daily commute to her studio every day. She feels the development in urban architecture has made us forget the hefty price that environment has to pay. One should balance aesthetics of architecture and nature, both of which together form our environment.

Deepika Gautam's Work

My Expression I

Thoughts During Lockdown

The lockdown is a suffering for the physical entity of an individual in the self-contained rooms of a house; the thoughts in the mind roam as freely as ever before and freedom of leisure makes it more better. The mental stress of being in lockdown is reduced by virtual presence of the loved ones. The lockdown has brought one more closer to the vicinities of self.

Gayatri Deshpande

Gayatri Deshpande received her training from the Faculty of Fine Arts (Drawing and Painting) in 1995. Her works have been exhibited at The Jehangir Art Gallery, April 2011; The Tilting Art Gallery, Pune, 2012; Art2day Gallery, Pune, 2013; Letartwork Art Gallery and Monalisa Kalagram, Pune, 2014. Gayatri had a solo show at the PNG Art Gallery Pune, 2015 and a group show at the Mahua Art Gallery, Bangalore, 2017. Gayatri’s works gathered several prizes and awards at exhibitions.  She is back after years of serving for her job and family, to be true to her calling, to follow her dream. Gayatri works and lives in Pune.

Gayatri’s work is primarily done on canvas in acrylic or oil. Painterly depth and rich colours are constant vital elements to her. She hopes to lead the viewer into a resonant space. She seeks freedom with imagery hence she likes to use the abstract vocabulary. Colours and shapes became reflections of her thoughts. She was inspired by the design element of a fabric. Since design in absence of content is merely decoration she wants to incorporate that valuable aspect which cannot be explained in words. She never paints with a strategy; an idea is born and then it becomes something else. The aim of her art is to represent the inward significance of things.

Gayatri Deshpande's Work

My walk in the woods continues… 1
My walk in the woods continues… 2
My walk in the woods continues… 3
My walk in the woods continues… 4

Thoughts During Lockdown

Stillness and quiet is all I need when I paint but the same seems so different during lockdown. I’m at home with minimum material available and this exactly serves as an opportunity. To be able to do my best with whatever available is a challenge in itself . They say if you love what you have , you have everything you need. My charcoal is everything I need during this period. Using the available resources economically and still creating something that gives me peace of mind has been an enlightening experience. I hereby present my charcoal series that has helped me run away even without leaving my home.

Harsh Inder Loomba

Harsh Inder Loomba  studied for B.F.A in the Govt. College of Art, Chandigarh and was then awarded scholarship to study M.F.A in prestigious Academy of Fine Arts called “V.I Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute” at Moscow, Russia in year 1989.    Her work  is in the collection of the Surikov Art Museum in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. One of her works titled “The Alternate World II” won a Gold Medal at the National Art Competition.  She worked as an illustrator for Lok Prakashan Publications, NBT etc. She has just finished work on her research book titled “The Impact of Sociology of Culture on artists and their contribution to the Society and History” for the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. She has been the recipient of award  “Senior Fellow” for outstanding work done in the field of Fine Arts by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India for 2012-2013.

Harsh has developed a neoteric style of painting combining the realistic and abstract forms. Her works exhibit symbolism. The drawings are a blend of emotions, thoughts and moods all depicted colorfully on the canvas. She is a romantic by nature, and she says, she tries to create new type of lucid forms which amalgamate with the surroundings.

Harsh Inder Loomba's Work

Birches In Woods
Humanity Under Lockdown – Nature Free
Nueva Vida

Thoughts During Lockdown

We artists are probably blessed souls. We are happy in solitude and look within for answers and inspirations. This is the time for me to bring out the imagination and touch the topic of our existence in this world, in harmony with nature. We are observing this lockdown of humans has brought a fresh breath to our environment and animal kingdom. Skies and rivers are looking bluer and wild animals seen on the roads! We must ponder and learn to live as one with nature and safeguard our planet. This whole incident has been a lesson to be content in minimum, respect nature and be positive.

Kanika Singh

Kanika Singh had always been an artist at heart; she just happened to meander through traditional channels of corporate life to rediscover her passion for art- Mosaic Art. After almost two decades of soul searching, she traded her stilettos for moccasins and laptop for tile cutters, she has never been happier. Kanika has no formal education in arts yet with each creation, she has discovered new aspects of herself. She has exhibited her work in group shows including “Infinite Rainbows”, a collaborative art project and other group shows. Her mosaic installations are in many private collections. 

Kanika engages in story telling thorough pieces of hand cut glass, fascinating new materials and her learnings from the world wide mosaic community. She also brings people, pieces, art and experience together through her workshops and is passionate about spreading awareness about mosaic as an art form. Today she is living her dream of being an artist, beautifying the world with hand cut relief mosaic for interior and exterior applications.

Kanika Singh's Work

Filling in the Blues

Thoughts During Lockdown

Never before had I experienced such a swing of emotions… from apprehension, fear of the unknown to gratitude and love for the safety, security in being home with loved ones. Mentally bewildered, physically exhausted yet supremely calm in the heart…. I am not alone… we together will tide this through.

Ketaki Roy Choudhury

Ketaki Roy Choudhury received her Bachelor in Fine Arts from Kala Bhavana, Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan in 1976. She has received critical acclaim for her solo exhibitions at the Birla Academy of Arts and Culture, Kolkata (2013), Aakar Prakar, Kolkata (2006), Gallery Ganesha, New Delhi (2005), Taj Krishna, Hyderabad (2003) and ITC Grand Kakatiya, Hyderabad (2002). Notable group exhibitions include Six Feet Apart, India Habitat Centre(2019), Unbridled, Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Kolkata (2019), Sahanubhuti, Emami Chisel Art Gallery, Kolkata (2014), Linear Forms, Art & Soul Gallery, Mumbai (2010), Glasscapes, Weavers Studio, Kolkata (2008), and Recent Works from Bengal, CIMA, Kolkata (2003). Recently, she collaborated with distinguished filmmaker Shankha Ghosh on his award winning experimental film Atin Ela & Char Adhyay (2018). Ketaki is based in Kolkata and Santiniketan.

In an aesthetic journey of over four decades, Ketaki Roy Choudhury’s meditative immersion into the sovereign Being of Nature has taken her beyond visible forms into depths from where the subterranean, silent transformations can be experienced. Her paintings offer the viewer a rare glimpse into these volcanic depths wherein the soul of Nature exhales life and destruction, inexorability and chance.

Ketaki Roy Choudhury's Work

Empty Time

Thoughts During Lockdown

Society and solitude are both equally important for the survival of art and artist. This quarantine is not self-chosen. It makes me feel remote from the people I love, the people who surround me with their warmth on other days. So, I meditate, I luxuriate in the silence but I don’t feel the inspiration that is supposed to come from people around me. Some thoughts of the poor and most vulnerable being rendered homeless and without jobs also haunt me. There is much thinking, less work. But I try to fight against the untold unknown fears by keeping my hands and eyes going. I doodle. I am doodling figures against shadows. There are shadows everywhere. The shadows of our lives, our thoughts.

Mahesh Karambele

In the 12 years of his artistic journey Mahesh Karambele has done more that 60 shows including 9 solo shows in India and one in Russia. He has participated in many significant group shows in India as well as  Dubai , New York , Georgia and Bhutan. He has also participated in  international Art Fairs in Dubai, Amsterdam, Milan and New York. His work is in many private and public collections in India, France, Portugal, London, UK , USA, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Germany, Italy, Amsterdam and Dubai.

Mahesh’s  works are a rhythmic play of transparency and inertia. Transparency makes one see through and beyond. While inertia is the existence itself. He wants his paintings to be essentially free from design because it’s the freedom that gives birth to the new. Freedom is the nature of sound, where in transparency and inertia meet in one. He believes, at the right intensity, clarity and frequency the senses would converge, and become one place where one will hear music looking at his works.

Mahesh Karambele's Work

Layers of emotions 22

Thoughts During Lockdown

It’s a strange situation around the world. Now people are in a lockdown. This is a kind of situation that artists always suffer from.Try to understand an artist’s life when he spends most of his time alone in the studio to express his emotions or try to understand life on canvas.Maybe I am trying to say “try to understand me”

Megha Madan

Megha Madan has completed her BFA in Painting and MFA in Printmaking from College of Art, New Delhi. She is currently pursuing PhD in Printmaking from College of Art. Recently her work was selected in the 61st National Exhibition of Art 2020. She has received the AIFACS Award in Graphic category in 2018, New Delhi, and the Artreach India Teaching Fellowship in collaboration with Karm Marg Charitable Trust, Faridabad. Her works have been a part of various prestigious exhibitions like the Bestcollegeart Emerging Artist of the Year Award 2019, Artscapes Annual Exhibition, 2019; Chandigarh Art Society of India Annual Exhibition, 2016 and  Mumbai Annual Award Show by CIMA Art Gallery, 2016, Kolkata. Her work  ‘City Lights’ was selected in Guanlan Chinese Biennale in 2015, 28th National exhibition of Contemporary Art, South Central Zone Cultural Centre Nagpur, Ministry of Culture among many others.

Since the beginning of my artistic practice, I have been drawn towards urban architecture, its form and feeling of home in this urban set up. I attempt to capture the same in my artworks. My practice and the process of my creation are like a meditation driven by my intuition. It is later that UI decipher the meaning of my artworks.

Megha Madan's Work

Linear Composition

Thoughts During Lockdown

In this lockdown I have actually found ample time for myself and my practice. Personally it is like a blessing in disguise helping me with clarity on my work and concept. Working indoors has always been the case but now I am finding this time rather beneficial and relaxing. I have always thought of my work as a form of meditation, so alone time is my biggest inspiration at any given phase of life. I am also completely aware of how it has affected the masses. It is overall a disconnection but not ignorance. It has made me and many others  more aware and conscious,  which was the need of the times we are living in.

Neelam Gaur

Neelam Gaur began painting from childhood. She started her graduation in English Literature and finally in 2005 she reconnected to art. Since then Neelam has studied at the Government College of Arts in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.  Her work has been exhibited at many places in India and in many private collections. She had her solo show in Hyderabad, 2010 and in Jabalpur, 2015. She has participated in many group shows including at Tilting Art Gallery, Pune, 2015 and 2016,  National Art Camp ICAC in Mumbai, 2015; Roop Bheda in Jabalpur, 2016; 29th NEA – SCZCC Nagpur (Junior Category)2016, National Dehgam Art Residency, 2018 and Dehgam group show at Jehangir Art Gallery, 2018. She has been awarded  Junior Fellowship by Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India 2018.

Neelam Gaur's Work

A Wing and a Way 1
A Wing and a Way 2
Numinous 1
Numinous 2
Numinous 5
Numinous 3
Numinous 4
Numinous 6

Thoughts During Lockdown

I think we’re all going through grief for the loss of control we have over our lives and what is happening to all the people out there in the world. But I think one of the amazing things for me to see is that actually we can adapt to anything. We can modify the way we live in quite radical ways when we have to.I’m still doing what I do from home. I’m painting. I’m writing. I’m doing my fellowship writing project. Life hasn’t really changed that much and yet it’s changed completely and utterly and radically. I don’t think it’ll ever be the same. I actually hope it won’t go back to normal, when we get to life after coronavirus, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

Neerajj Mittra

Neeraj Mittra is an alumnus of College of Art, New Delhi, born in the family of artists and  brought up in an ambience of art as life and lifestyle.  He has more than 32 years of awarded and illustrious career of creating and conceptualizing multitude immersive art experiences at numerous national and international art events.  He is the founder of NM Artistry- Spreading Smiles and co-founder of Gallery Art’est – An Art Abode, both the boulevards of ‘Nurturing Passions’ for amateurs and professionals . Neerajjs creations adorn prominent places like: 13 Feet tall Arjuna statue at Haryana Police Academy, Madhuban Karnal, interiors of Radisson Blue Noida and Radisson Ludhiana, Gandhiji’s bust at Secretariat Manipur, Save Water installation at EXL Noida, 117 feet bronze statue at gallery Art’est- An Art Abode, to name a few. Neerajj’s art show ‘Stallion Speaks’ was held in October 2019 at Hungary.  He  is also a motivational speaker at reputed international forums like TEDX and has been regularly inspiring young minds with his live talks during recent Covid-19 lockdown situation.

Neerajj  is multifarious, interactive and engaging and so are his artworks. He has experimented with multitude materials, mediums and methods. Each of them the reflection  of “Inner Joy” and the “Bonds of Love” and carry a message of happiness, compassion and care. His favorite muse is horse and his favorite themes are reflections and relationships.  A strong advocate of ‘Create your own language of art’, “Spontaniety” and “Freedom” are Neerajj’s own language of art.

Neerajj Mittra's Work

Flowing Equines : Canters Beyond Ages
Flowing Equines – Power & Passion
Flowing Equines : Tales of Knights, Kingdoms & KAISERS
Flowing Equines : The Majestic & Mythical
Flowing Equines: Reflections
Flowing Equines : Trotting Tales
Flowing Equines : Trotting Tales Of Times

Thoughts During Lockdown

With more than 30 years of experience of experimenting with materials and methods of ART, it is my being, and spontaneity and freedom are my languages of ART. My inner conscience always nudges me to bring forth the beautiful memories of my childhood, craving forever to etch a lasting impression on the viewers.  As an artist I wish to use equine arts to inscribe those lovely childhood memories on the sands of time.

This unique period of lockdown also came with the ME time and openness of mind which further prompted me to quench my creative thirst even with limited resources & materials I had at home. With ‘Horse’ as my muse, my artworks created during lockdown comprise a multitude of two dimensional mediums to build equine figures. With my creations I wanted to showcase the bond Humans and Horses share and redefine the magical relationship of virtues and life skills between both, using ART as my method and tool.

I evolve with time

I evolve with materials

I evolve within to reflect my subconscious to the conscious

I have my muse, I have ME

Change always presents challenges which are but the chalice of opportunities. This lockdown has given all of us a unique opportunity to look into our inner self and unlock many scaffolds our otherwise daily routine wrapped us into. This lockdown is also a period for the artists and art community to BOND, REBOND, SHARE & CARE. It is time for us to rise above self and come together to GROW TOGETHER & BETTER. After Almighty the creator himself, it is an ‘ARTIST WHO CAN CREATE’. With such unique power we are blessed to be able to bring positive and constructive changes into the lives around us including our own. World needs art and artists more than ever before. Let’s come together and spread happiness with our ART. Let’s share feelings, let’s share creativity, let’s communicate, and let’s care for each other and the world around us.

Nidhi Aggarwal

Born in 1972, Faridabad, Haryana, India,
Nidhi Agarwal studied BFA (applied art) from College of Art in 1993 . Soon after she developed a style of her own in Painting and Drawing . She has been consistently working in the genre of Abstract Expressionism ,exhibiting worldwide including the 15th Asian Art Biennale in Bangladesh 2012. She has held several solo shows in private galleries . Nidhi is also currently practising printmaking and was chosen by Lalit Kala Academy for the First International Print Biennale held in 2018 in New Delhi & Bihar. She is also the recipient of Junior Fellowship by Ministry of culture and Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant twice apart from many state and National level awards.

Nidhi is known for very large sizes and  has also experimented in mix media & installation art widely. A belief in earthiness, texture and drama informs her deep-rooted connection with natural and theatrical elements. Hence, eliminating the virtues of any imposed discipline and uniformity. This fascination for raw and nude expression compels a hallucinatory rendering to her imagination.

Nidhi Aggarwal's Work

The Cataclysm 1
The Cataclysm 2
The Cataclysm 3
The Cataclysm 4

Thoughts During Lockdown

This lockdown has given me ample time to reflect on my research, my preferred subjects , my images and also my health. This has been the most productive period of my life. I added atleast 5 sketchbooks amongst many other paperworks of different textures , mediums and sizes. I get an enchanted feeling as I scroll through them. These works shall play the building blocks for my future projects and they carry a unique mystery of their own because they were worked in a specifically different,rather an unpredictable & mysterious time zone. These works will carry a special historical significance in my inventory.

Niloy Sen

Born in 1948, Niloy Sen had his training in fine arts as a National Diploma holder from Delhi College of Art, University of Delhi. He is a painter, graphic artist and a sculptor. He has been a practicing artist at Graphic Studio Garhi, Lalit Kala, New Delhi. Niloy has worked in Advertising Industry for 35 years in organisations like Clarion McCann ( 1970—1979), JWT( 1979—2005) as VP & Executive Director. He has been a visiting jury  and faculty member of NIFT, APJ Institute. He has directed and acted  many plays at the national stage. He has also been an Ad Film Director.

Niloy Sen's Work

Spirit Unlocked
A Quarantined World
Dare to dream
Mirror and Me
My World
Solitary World Waning Hours
Deadly Game
Game Changer 2020
Hide & Seek
Shadows of Power

Thoughts During Lockdown

As a Bengali what I miss most is “Aadda”,  a regular get together of friends to discuss a range of topics from film, literature, politics, gossip and of course, food ! Physical restrictions are many but as an artist my imagination is free– unlocked and unconfined.             The first week went past “experiencing” the non stop electronic/social media, TRP seeking channels and the virus which united the world but not the politicians. From second week a strange sense of calm washed over me. Now, a day seems to stretch to 36 Hours. One  plans to do many things but ends up doing nothing. There is a total void – but the creative mind is ticking. 

Nitasha Jaini

Nitasha Jaini born in Punjab in 1963 ,now practising artist of Gurgaon India, has participated in Affordable Art Fest Goa;  Art Busan, Gwangju Art Fair;  ARTASIA South Korea; 3rd Jerusalem Biennale Jerusalem; ‘Project Giotto’ GenovaItaly; Museum of Arts Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand; Jaipur Art Summit, United Art Fair, Cartist shows as well as National Exhibition by Lalit Kala Akademi, Akademy of Fine Arts and Literature New Delhi, Sahitya Kala Parishad Annual, AIFACS and SCZCC . She has participated in shows curated in India by Dr.Alka Pandey,J ohnny M.L., Vani Subramanian, Binoy Verghese, Sanjeev Sonpimpare and Prabhinder Lall. In 1995 she received the Lalit Kala Akademi Research Grant, New Delhi and received award for painting All India Exhibition of Art, lndian Academy of Fine Art, Amritsar. She did  an Art appreciation course  from National Museum New Delhi after completing M.A. FineArts. Her art has been shown in curated shows at Vilnius Lithuania, Islamabad Pakistan. Her  works are in collections of LKA, CBSE New Delhi, J & K Cultural Academy, Jammu. Deutsche Welle, Cologne Germany, Moconesi Town council, Genova, Italy and private collections

Nitasha explores gender inequality, patriarchy and oppression. Feminism principles form the basis of her art. She mostly chooses to use only the male form in her work. Series with names like- stop to smell the flowers ,future is female, corporate ladder , idea of success  – are re-occurring in her art.

Nitasha Jaini's Work

Lockdown drawing I
Lockdown drawing II
Lockdown drawing III

Thoughts During Lockdown

The newspapers these days are indicating that  violence and abuse against women has increased during this lockdown. It is easy to imagine a helpless victim of gender based oppression living in fear with her tormentor in closed spaces. My works are about this situation , urban men in box like frames representing urban houses. I have used text to verbalize the situation. The works are acrylic on acid free paper , size is 8 inches by 5.5 inches , set of 3 works have been completed during this lockdown period.

Parul Mehra

Parul Mehra is an architect and visual artist by training from The Sushant school of Art & Architecture. Her architectural studies enhanced her abilities to deal with forms, textures, colours, materials, perspective drawings and dimensions of space. While working successfully in the field of architecture & interior design for a while, she was drawn towards the dynamic and colourful world of visual art full time. She started creating a sizeable private collection and was encouraged by colleagues/ family & decided to exhibit her pieces. The exhibitions in Delhi & all over India went well & prodded her further in this exciting artistic journey. She is currently working between Singapore & New Delhi . Her clientele includes fashion designers, cafes, institutions, doctors, hotel chains, embassies etc & a wide diaspora who appreciate her experiments with various styles . Parul has also delved into graphics / design layouts for her school magazine as an alumnus of Modern School, New Delhi . She designed the sets for Tedx talks ( Delhi ) & a musical theatre production, as also conducted art & craft / story telling workshops for kids. 

For Parul art can be expressed through various mediums / installations, as long as the viewer gets engaged & intrigued in the process. Art does not necessarily have to be complex, it should invoke excitement & that’s her goal as an artist.

Parul Mehra's Work

Inner Vibration in Motion
The Ideal Flight 
The Music Flows 

Thoughts During Lockdown

As an artist nature inspires me, so does travel, since the latter couldn’t happen I worked with the former.  The simple pleasure of observing rain drops in my rear lawn, giant leaves fallen on the pavement outside or just the sound of silence ! I tried to increase my time for meditation to balance my energies during this challenging time. Music & reading are also some of the hobbies which I indulged in during this time, which had been long forgotten due to lack of time previously. All this helped me to focus on making more experimental pieces of art. 

Pranjit Sarma

Pranjit Sarma has completed his B.V.A (Bachelor of Visual Arts) – Painting, (2012- 2016) Assam University, department of visual arts, Silchar Assam and done his M.V.A (Masters in Visual Arts)- Graphics Arts (Print Making) from department of visual arts, Bangalore University, Bangaluru in 2018. He has been participated in a number of National and International Printmaking Biennale as Cacak, Serbia, Krasnodar, Russia, Italy, Timisoara Romania, Barcelona spine, Turkey. Apart from other national exhibition he has selected for the Yong Talent Program, solo exhibition of printmaking , “Les Disparates” curated by Franck Barthelemy organized by The Allince Francaise De Bangalore. In 2020 he has been selected for International Printmaking Conference Hongkong including multiple interdisciplinary project as Archipelago, Covent-19 , The Spirit Remains Unlocked 2020, etc.  Presently he is working as a printmaking Studio in charge and project invigilator in Lavaru Art Center PVT, Bangalore, India.

Having the intention to the expand in this technique, Pranjit  has  experimented with unconventional interpretation to execute his ideas in the form of installation. Presently as a printmaker he has been working with etching aquatint continue his innovative drive. 

Pranjit Sarma's Work

Gaps in Socio Urban Environment Series 1
Gaps in Socio Urban Environment Series 2

Thoughts During Lockdown

During this epidemic period of COVID-19 the world has gone through the major challenges in terms of social communication, transformation and practical interaction. I often question myself :  where is our spirit in the absence of social interactions now? Have we unlocked our spirit even today? Meanwhile I could get more time with me to contradict my usual restlessness life. I am enjoying the essence of Nature which connected to me as an existential animal. Hence, I decided to work on it with the most convenient medium that I could access easily in my home.

Rahul Swami

To me if freedom is Matisse, rage is Klimt, romance is Gogh and existence Dali then shall I be allowed to cross the beyond and live life like Columbus – Discovering new continents of dreams every day. Is that me, who is speaking, trying to create utopia with words in a cluttered world of diverse manifestos. Yes, this is I. And my confession is my design. Amidst the world of confrontations, a little to the left of democracy & corruption, generation gap – nostalgia, hung parliament and other show biz power showers I have found the vibrant motif intact. Amidst such nuisance, I have started learning how to unlearn, how to discover the undiscovered kernel of a weed called design. I breathe in the maestro’s inspiration and exhale my breath of comprehension.That is design – reality through the eyes of new understanding captured forever on canvas. This is my curse, my victory and my muse. Shifting perspective is not just a habit; it’s an obsession, a religion. I am the original disciple. 

Rahul Swami's Work

Hanging in to Bend the Throttle
Crave to See a Better World
Finding a Better You

Thoughts During Lockdown

“When there was a brief silence, I think I heard snow falling! “I always love to explore and that too with usual and unusual things.Quarantine has never affected my life as an artist just not because I am working indoors rather it has given me the opportunity not only to think but to feel. I am puzzled between n’ number of ideas striking my mind for a single task.Hence as I am loving to deep dive in my world of ideas to create a new and better canvas of life!

Rajneesh Singh

Born in 1992, Rajneesh Singh did his BFA from University of Burdwan W.B and MFA From IKSVV Khairagarh C.G.

Rajneesh Singh's Work

Rainy Field
Remembrance I
Remembrance II

Thoughts During Lockdown

It’s a difficult period for an artist because artists are very sensitive in nature and the lockdown is affecting them comprehensively. Lockdown’s effect can be seen in an artist’s work as well, which is quite natural.  Though an artist loves to be secluded but this seclusion is not the seclusion that an artist desires. Sitting back at home, though I am continuing my work, but I feel the pain thinking about the poor families and labour class who are going through a very difficult and challenging time. Being forced to work at home in lockdown I can feel everything that’s happening around the world. My work is about the society and the nature, which I am trying to picturize in the abstract form in a different way considering the current situation.

Rashmi Rai

Rashmi Rai’s introduction to DSLR photography was in 2010. It was the macro lens that got her deeply interested in studying more about the art form. Rashmi Rai completed her Diploma in Photography in 2013 from eminent photographer and professor, Dr O.P Sharma at Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi. She also trained with Munish Khanna, an acclaimed fashion and advertising photographer in Delhi after which she started with her independent practice as freelance and art photographer. Photography has not been her first venture in art. She has been dealing in decorative and original art for homes and offices for many years and also likes to dabble in charcoals, water colors and mixed media. Being a post graduate in Business Management, she forwent a career in the corporate world at an early stage to venture into the world of art. Rashmi Rai belongs to Delhi and is currently staying in Delhi NCR. Rashmi likes to make images with elements of abstraction and minimalism in landscapes, mundane still life objects and expressive art portraits. She seeks to create images of the sensitive beauty in nature and mundanely objects. She believes in complete freedom of expression and often uses editing software to enhance my work.

Rashmi Rai's Work

Minimal 1
Minimal 2
Minimal 3
Minimal 4
Minimal 5
Minimal 6
Minimal 7
Minimal 8

Thoughts During Lockdown

With the lockdown I reflected on the technology and leading a minimalist  life. They are opposite to each other yet complimenting each other. Technology has  supported us immensely during the lockdown, linking us to the world through social media and apps.  it is transcendental in a way of making our lives also minimalistic. Technology has made our lives shrink. Whether we make it simpler or complicated depends on our own self.

Ritu Aggarwal

Ritu Aggarwal is a contemporary artist who has exhibited her works extensively around the world and have  a collection in various art galleries in India and abroad. She has  had four Solo shows ( Triveni Kala Sangam 2011, New Delhi; Rabindra Bhawan 2014 New Delhi; and Taj palace  2012,2013; New Delhi)  along with  several group shows more prominent amongst which are a Group show at Central Library in Riga, Latvia2020, Mark Rothko Art Centre in Latvia 2019, 50thNational by Lalit Kala Akademy in 2008, 82ndAIFACS in 2010, 5TH AIFACS Digital art in 2015,  “Luminous Hues” by Creativity art gallery, LKA Gallery 2012. She has  attended the International Art Symposium at Mark Rothko Art Centre in Daugavpils, Latvia 2019 and has been Awarded in 5th AIFACS annual Digital Art award in 2015  and  Prafulla Dahanukar Art foundation award 2018.

Ritu Aggarwal’s work has always been revolved around the idea of urbanization. The skyscrapers, 3 dimensional  architectural  forms inspires her. Urban imagery with juxtaposition of indoor and outdoor spaces appearing in her work.

Ritu Aggarwal's Work

Under Construction
Silent Spaces

Thoughts During Lockdown

Whole world is in Quarantine due to COVID 1 and the after effects would last long which is unpredictable. I as an artist is also affected a little as the international Residencies and other planned programs have been postponed or might be cancelled. My privacy with my colors and canvas is also being disturbed a bit, but  my spirits are still unlocked. My home is my studio and my studio is my home, so I am still weaving my geometrical ideas on canvas which is my interest.

Shuchi Khanna

Shuchi Khanna is an artist and an art educator. She has exhibited in India and abroad over 15 solo and 80 group shows. She has received numerous awards including Naari Gaurav Samman, presented by Rajasthan Academy, 2018; Woman of the Year, presented by Times India News, 2017 and  Iconic Leader in Art, Design & Entrepreneurship, 2016. Shuchi was invited to exhibit her paintings in Rashtrapati Bhavan, President House and Prime Ministers Office. She painted live to Hari Prasad Chaurasia playing flute and received the prestigious Sanatan Kalariti Puraskar. She has conducted several workshops, participated in camps and Art Fairs nationally and internationally. Her works are in several private collections. She went to Pulwama, Kashmir as a charity venture with the NGO Zabarwan Foundation and conducted art workshop for students there. She is the Director of NG Atharwani which is dedicated to the needy. Shuchi Khanna presently heads the Art Department in Sanskriti School, New Delhi.

Shuchi’s works symbolize the energy, synergy and that dynamic balance which is required in life between contentment and growth. She portrays that one has to dig deep for happiness and remain positive under all circumstances. It’s about our inner peace – Soiree with self.

Shuchi Khanna's Work

My Safe Abode

Thoughts During Lockdown

May be the birds always chirped, I never had the time,  I evoke the memory of the clear skies, Now that I see it and have the time.  Lockdown made me realise the importance of human relationships, reaffirmed me to declutter not just stuff but my own insecurities. Managing between home, job, art, fitness schedule I lost out on just simple moments of sheer joy of introspecting and doing nothing.  Painting is all about expression, and to express one needs to feel. I am feeling the situation, the panic, the pain, the scare that is there in the present time world over and praying for the world to heal soon. 

Siraj Saxena

Born in1974, Siraj Saxena completed his B.F.A from Govt. Institution of Fine Arts, Indore M.P,1996. He is  working as a freelance artist works in mediums like paintings, ceramics, graphic art, textile, metal and wood. He is the author of three books. His articles has been published in various national Hindi news dailies and magazines. He has done 27 solo exhibitions in Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Indore, Nepal, London, Taiwan, Spain, Serbia, Poland and Lithuania. Siraj participated in more than 180 important national and international group shows in Indian and abroad. He has been invited in various international art residencies, art workshops and symposiums in Taiwan, Thailand, Latvia, Lithuanai, Serbia, China, Japan, Indonesia, Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Kuwait, South Africa and Srilanka. Since last 20 years Siraj has been living in Delhi as freelance and full time artist. For him art is a way to live and it gives wellness to life. 

The traditional method of making handmade paper from Sanganer has inspired me since last eight years.  I enjoy making vertical painting. I have my own style of paintings. I put many layers of colours and etch my lines form and textures. I call it my visual poetry. A portrait of landscape. I believe a good painting never hide any mystery hence my paintings are enough capable to explain itself, I don’t wish to write its story in words. It can be easily read and seen through eyes. 

Siraj Saxena's Work

Four Possibilities of Green
Vertical Landscape-1
Vertical Landscape-2
Vertical Landscape-3

Thoughts During Lockdown

During this lock down period I am confined only in my painting studio. Hence I am doing paintings on canvas and paper. I am also making a series of collage. Art for me is a way to live.  Art gives peace, heal us and balance our emotions.  I hope now we have understood the beauty of minimalism. I hope after we will be back into our normal life everyone will have their jobs, this silence will remain and the water in the rivers will be clean. At the end I am really enjoying this time and my spirit is high. I am  reading, writing and self- reflecting so that I can  give my best to the society.

Soumick Nag

Soumick Nag is a self-taught artist who is inspired by the work of Nasreen Mohamadi, Ramkumar and Hilma af Klint. He believes he can’t live without painting. The vulnerability of the charcoal, the emotion of pigment and the attitude of oil surprises him. The resilience of the paper, the dominance of large canvas hypnotizes him. The allure of the turning a blank paper /canvas into something reminds him the reason for existence in this world. He believes ‘nothing is absolute’- the kernel of abstract painting. Soumick is inspired by nature and believes there is no better artist than nature. The texture of the leaves, the lines, sky and the geometry of the mountain- they are a constant source of imagination and reality.

Soumick believes that the art of abstraction is meant to test the limitations of the human mind. To present a duality in a painting is to beguile the viewer into a thought denouncement: of realism vs fantasy, or sanguine utopias vs dark inhibitions.

Soumick Nag's Work

Portrait of Delhi

Thoughts During Lockdown

Painting under the looming shadow of the darkness and uncertainty. The empty streets, the traffic of the birds and the covid 19 news…a powerful mix. As the new reality started emerging we started seeing the world with new eyes. The physical mobility is restricted, and the mental mobility is expanded. Feeling the presence of the innocence, experiencing the freedom of the birds and feeling guilty about the privilege of having terrace. It has taught me the importance of minimalism and the power of simplicity. I miss the art galleries, the exhibitions and the art supply stores.

Sukanta Das

Sukanta Das was born in Kolkata, West Bengal and had completed his Bachelor of Visual Arts from Rabindra Bharati University in 1996. He has received National Scholarship from Ministry of Culture, Government of India. He has done several solo shows in India and abroad. Jehangir Art Gallery sponsored by Art Land Gallery, Dhoomimal City Gallery, Delhi, Lalit Kala Academy, Delhi, Alternative Art Gallery, Gurgaon, Alankritha Art Gallery, Hyderabad, Renaissance Gallery, Pune, Masters Collection Art Gallery, Kolkata to name a few. He has also participated in a number of important group shows and Art Camps in India and abroad. His work is in several corporate and private collections.

Sukanta’s works are somewhat unique in terms of style and expertise, dealing with human and nature, being primarily figurative. The blissful co-existence of human and nature underlines the story of love in his canvasses, sometimes using mythological codes and their essence. The paintings portray a soft, bewitching charm that fabricates a new world of symbolic fantasy and reflects the inner soul and desire.

Sukanta Das's Work

Mother Nature

Thoughts During Lockdown

For an artist, who is a part of the social co-existence to create his signature painting in times like these is no adversity. Still I cannot help but find the rhythm escaping as the world has suddenly stopped like a horrific nightmare. The skies are now bluer than ever, the birds are chirping, the nature is healing but I am struggling to see the mother in it. The familiarity of the cacophony of my city has been disposed off and I am left with nothing but the reminisces of what felt like Home. And in that moment my mind wanders off to the thought Are we heading towards the countdown of the finishing line of the human race?

Usha Garodia

Usha Garodia started working with clay in 1983. She is trained under Mr. Mansimran Singh at Delhi Blue Pottery.  She conducted paper kiln workshops in India, and a Hand-building Workshop in Spain in 2018.She worked at Jingdezhen, China in 2009, 2012, 2013, 2015 & 2017. Usha has participated in several International competitions and her work has received  received numerous awards in China, Taiwan, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy & France. She has held 21 solo shows since 1985 across prestigious art galleries like: Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai;  Bajaj & Cymroza Art Galleries, Mumbai; Saundarya & Kalakriti, Hyderabad; Chitrakoot, Obsession, Birla Academy & Weavers Studio, Kolkata; Bauhiniya, Nagpur; Alliance Francaise, Gallery Twenty Five, Palm Court & Visual Arts Gallery, New Delhi and  Mirabelle, Boston, USA. Usha Garodia has participated in 32 group shows including 1 in Spain. Usha lives and works in Gurugram, India.

For Usha, her work is like meditation and she finds clay is super therapeutic. She cannot imagine a world without art. For her life is art.

Usha Garodia's Work

Social Distancing
Social Distancing
Journey Within
Emerging Like the Lotus
I am the Sky
I am the Sky

Thoughts During Lockdown

The lock down is not bothering me. My work is like meditation for me as I totally lose track of time & the world. Every time I felt low, my work has lifted me. There is beauty all around. We simply have to keep our eyes open and absorb it. The sky is more blue, the air much cleaner and more birds chirping with joy. The spring colors around and the weather fascinate me. I believe that happiness is a state of mind and positivity can push away the negativity. Yes, we artists are blessed because solitude is our home.

Sabbavarapu V S Rao

Sabbavarapu V S Rao was  born in 1988 in Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh. He has a BFA in Sculpture from Andhra University in 2012, and an MFA in Sculpture in 2015 from Jamia Millia Islamia University.

He has participated  in many group shows, in Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Kochi, Mumbai, Delhi & Jaipur among others. I has  received many scholarships and awards including : A Grant of Lalit Kala Akademi Scholarship,by LKA, New Delhi, 2018; Central Zone Gold Medal for Ceramics by  Prafulla Foundation, Mumbai, 2018; Sahitya Kala Parishad Award in Sculpture category at Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi, 2017; Junior Fellowship by CCRT ( Under Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India ) New Delhi, 2017; 29th National Award in Junior category – Exhibition of Contemporary Art by SCZCC at State Gallery of Arts, Hyderabad, Telangana, 2016 and  89th AIFACS  Award for  Sculpture  at AIFACS Annual Exhibition, New Delhi, 2016.

He has  participated in various camps and workshops all over India. His  works are in many private and corporate collections, in India. He is presently living  and working in Delhi

Most of the  works of Sabbavarapu contain the theme of his journey to an urban space in the context of his memories related to his culture, tradition and upbringing. His most recent practice reflects upon the ideas of contemporary ideological shifts in the human relationship with form and material. The forms he develops have a deliberate hint of our traditional crafts, one instance now being of the Kondapalli toy figures.

Sabbavarapu V S Rao's Work

1/2 +1/2 = 1
The Serene Madrasi
That depends a good deal on where you want to get to
Imperceptible Warriors

Thoughts During Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic had a sudden and substantial impact on us which no one can imagine, it’s a new experience and it we will never be a forgotten in this lifetime. However, the loneliness that it has led to is not a different thing in the life of artists.

Vijay Singh

Vijay Singh is a photographer.  His work has been exhibited in several shows including Stainless Steel Gallery, New Delhi,  Udai Villas Jaipur, IIT Kanpur and Varanasi Mahotsav. His work has been published in leading printed magazines including   Chiiz photography Magazine. He has done assignment in Rashtrapati Bhavan and various important events in Delhi. He specializes in portrait photography and in last two decades he has scored the vast expanse of Indian subcontinent to document and immortalise the variety of human emotions and features through his lens. Vijay Singh is native of Awadh and is popularly known as Vision Singh.

Vijay’s work is combination of candid street photography and photo editing tools to isolate the subject and to enhance their human emotions thereby highlighting the stories of his subject. He tries to capture the image which speak for themselves and believes the best images need no introduction.

Vijay Singh's Work

Bhav Saagar
Golden Hour
Mrigh Trishna
Potluck and patience
Water Colours
Water World
Window OF HOPE

Thoughts During Lockdown

Photograph preserves moments of history for times indefinite. Clicking people and clicking with people is my medication and my meditation.

I am curtailed physically not confined mentally. An artist can only be locked down in the physical realm, nothing can bind his spiritual creative flight. He sours above all barricades and rises higher and higher. Restrictions are challenges which ignite an artist’s passion and flair for creativity.

Vishal Joshi

Vishal Joshi is an artist from Vadodara who received  his BFA from Government Institute of Fine Arts, Indore,  and  Diploma in Fashion Design from JD Institute of Fashion Technology. Vishal Joshi has worked  in the field of painting, sculpture, installation and photography. He has done solo exhibitions in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Indore in India;  and Pakistan at Zinani Art Center . He has exhibited his works in group shows in India, London, New York, Dubai ,Barcelona, Korea, Venice Biennial, including  the participation in prestigious auction of Bonhams ,London. Vishal is a recipient of the Manav Sanket Academy Award,  Kalavarat Nyas, and the First Prize at the All India College  Painting Competition.

Vishal has been enthusiastically working on his series  of spirals since last 14 years. For him
it  is not a form but a journey of developing his own language. Spirals have strong spiritual connections in all religion and philosophies. The movement of the spiral  could be generation of energy in our body, this all energies floats in nature in form of our five elements i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Sky. The colors of Vishal’s paintings directly come from these five mighty elements red, yellow, blue green in addition to  metallic colors like gold and silver.

Vishal Joshi's Work

Untitled Yellow
Untitled Green

Thoughts During Lockdown

“This being human is a guest house. Every morning is a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor…Welcome and entertain them all. Treat each guest honorably. The dark thought, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door laughing, and invite them in. Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.” -Rumi. The  constant thought during the lockdown in my mind was “ This Too Shall Pass” – because Change is the only constant thing in the universe.