Confluence 2020
Celebrating India-Bangladesh Printmaking


Visual Art Gallery and Open Palm Court, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi


22nd -31st January, 2020




Artists from India and Bangladesh


Lubna Sen, India

Nisar Hossain, Bangladesh


Ananda Moy Banerji

Dattatreya Apte

Kavita Nayar

Moti Zharotia

Sushanta Guha

This great tradition of art requires a high level of expertise and has been overlooked as an autonomous medium of art.


Printmaking is a fascinating medium of creative expression that has not only survived the test of time but also evolved through many cultural and technological changes.

Today, it is imperative that we bring this medium to limelight and build larger narratives that allow printmaking practitioners from different parts of the world to come together.

Through a multi-pronged approach of education, promotion and patronage the show aims at celebrating the medium of printmaking and practise of contemporary printmakers of India and Bangladesh.

The Visual Art Gallery will be exhibiting works of 24 contemporary artists from India and Bangladesh who established a niche of their own with their exceptional virtuosity and commitment to the medium.

The artworks showcased in the exhibition will include various techniques of printmaking – intaglio, relief, serigraphy, mix media and will also stretch the traditional boundaries of printmaking into the realm of further experimentation.

The Open Palm Court Gallery will be hosting the Outreach Program designed to promote awareness of printmaking.

  • Display of a limited edition portfolio of fine art prints created by the participant artists showing the diverse techniques of printmaking.
  • A Section on History of Print Making in India and Bangladesh depicting the chronological growth in the two nations.
  • Slide Talks on topics like printmaking, its history and making of a portfolio.
  • Workshops on Printmaking: A printmaking machine will be installed in the gallery for purpose of holding workshops for children and art enthusiasts.